Targeted Roles: 3d Generalist, Modeler, Rigger, Animator, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist, Creative Director.

I enjoy creating new world and various characters including cartoon and realistic theme, and developing environmental model designs.
I’m eager to learn and expand upon his artistic development in a professional fast paced environment. I become a problem solver
whenever I encountered hard and complicate project. I am eager to contribute to exciting and challenging projects.

– Concept Art / Character Design
– Modeling / Texturing
– Rigging / Animation
– nCloth/ nHair/ nParticle
– Storytelling / Storyboarding
– Pre-visualization
– Traditional animation
– Lead / Manage project


– Master Degree in Animation, Savannah College of Art and Design 2013
– Bachelor Degree in Animation, Savannah College of Art and Design 2008


– Proficient in Maya, Rhino, Matrix, 3ds Max, Mud box, Z brush, After effect, Photoshop, Illustrator, Real flow


– English and Korean, both spoken and written


– I have numerous references from major clients I directly managed, prior executive management, direct reports, and co-workers.


Creative Model Master 2014-2016 continue
3D CAD Designer

Created 3d models for Jewelry products and  produce wax model for casting by using various 3D printers

Digital Strategy Yoga 2013
Creative Director

Created 3d pre-visualization for business presentation

Hope 2 One life 2012
Web design / developer
Dean of students at SCAD wanted me to create fund-raising website to support people in Uganda. Hope 2 One Life
is empowering widows, orphans and families in Uganda with the goal toward community restoration from war and poverty,
self-independence and sustainability, while valuing each life with dignity and all persons as children of God

Live Earth Museum 2011
Creative Director

Created various abstracted 3d animations for experimental performance in Jung Wang University, Korea
It was rendered out 3d stereoscopic which also interacted with performance artists.

Bedbugs, The book 2011
Rigger, Crowd simulator
Rigged bedbugs and simulated crowd animation of bedbugs

SCAD Mentor Program 2010-2011

Teaching undergraduate students who were struggling study of 3d animation

Dotori Studio 2009
3D & Web Designer, Intern
3d animation for web banners, Web design/ management

Mind and Motion 2009
Rigger & Animator 2:14 1:04 2:00 1:46

Worked on various mystic creatures for Monster Quest season 3 which was broadcast on History channel

Tronic Studio 2009
3d generalist, Intern
Assisted with a major client commercial advertisement
Designed a web banner for a national consumer product and a well-known television program

Ridgewood High School 2005
Character Designer

Created a character for Mr. Elwood who was teaching at RHS and had Lou Gehrig’s (ALS) diseases
The character was produced as badge and T-shirts for Marching in New York City and also was broadcast

Korean American Immigration Festival 2003
Character Designer

Celebrate its one hundred years immigration for Korean American in Fairfax, VA.
Design the mascot Tiger and Eagle characters for Korean American Immigration Festival.
The characters were produced as stickers, pamphlets, stuffed dolls and toys.


– Young Cuts Canada: Insecurity. Selected to screen, nominated for best animation film 2011
– Adobe Design Achievement Awards: Insecurity, Semifinalist Entry 2011
– Art Director’s Club (ADC): Giant Freaking Robot, Silver award 2009
– SCAD Department Award: Giant Freaking Robot, Best Visual Effect 2009
– SCAD Scholarship 2004- 2012

– 3d Artwork exhibited at Hello Exhibition, South Dakota University 2010
– Giant Freaking Robot was exhibited at SVA 2009

– EVOG, evolution frog, Thesis film, Concept, Modeling, Rigging, Animation 2013
– Nature of Life, Rigging, Animation 2011
– Solle, Modeling, Rigging 2012
– World of Mort, Modeling, Rigging 2012
– Insecurity, Character Design, Modeling, Rigging, Dynamic Animation 2011
– Giant Freaking Robot, Concept Design, Modeling, Rigging, Animation 2009
– Eppies the Movie, SCAD Digital Media Club project, Modeling, Rigging 2008
–  Avatars of the Arena, Concept art, Animation, Rigging 2007